Record Now, Use Later

Use our tools to record upto 60 hours of live streams and use them whenever you want. Add your recordings to the library and re-publish them on digital platforms for your audience to revisit those moments.

Record Now, Use Later

Download your recordings and use it your way

Download your recordings to create a video, podcast, or recap of your journey. Mix video clips, embed audio, insert graphics and be creative with your content.

Download your recordings and use it your way

Make Your Stream Fun For Your audience

Make your streams engaging by giving your audience a platform to interact and chat with their favourite creator, interaction with global audiences was never easier.

Make your audience a part of your streams

Invite your audience from across the platform such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and allow them to join your LIVE sessions instantaneously through one browser.

Make your audience a part of your streams

Amplify Your Brand And Leave an Impact

Look professional with Brand Kits. Customise your feed with logos, graphics and color palettes and upload images LIVE and add it to your livestream to amplify your brand message.

Theme Settings


  • illusto studio

Countdown Clips


Be The Brand You Want The World To See

Create your brand persona by adding brand logos, unique backgrounds, banners and much more. Add images in real-time while talking about the product and set your e-commerce store live.

Our Customization Fetures Allow You To

  • Add your brand logo
  • Upload your colour presets
  • Translate your style guide to a brand kit
  • Pick from a wide range of graphics and overlays
Our Customization Fetures Allow You To

Widen Your Range With Our Multi-Stream Feature

Share your streams on multiple platforms. Connect to your audience from Facebook, Youtube and Twitch at once.

Interact And Engage With Audiences Across Multiple Platforms

Invite and chat with your favorite guests LIVE! Explore and share ideas to keep your audiences engaged across platforms!

You Decide Your Stage

Stream anywhere, everywhere and with any device.

Host your favourite people

Don’t let the engagement drop on your live feed! Invite upto 4 people together to chat, talk and engage with your audience by exploring our multi-chat feature.

Host your favourite people

Widen Your Range; Connect To People Who Don't Know You

Connect to a broader audience by streaming your lives on your guests platforms. Use their platforms to widen your range and let people connect with you.

One Window,One Setup

Your audience and your guests audience can chat in the same window.

No Installation Required for your guests

No Installation Required for your guests

Your guests participate in the easiest way without any additional technical needs. No need to install any software or go through any lengthy login process.

Choose Among Various Platforms And invite Your Friends And Fans

Connect to your favourite platform and go live with just a click.