faster, better, easier

  • Easy to use
  • Custom branding
  • Show your e-commerce store live
  • Invite multiple guests
  • Low latency
  • Stream from any device
  • Record streams upto 60 hours
  • Zero software downloads
Go live simultaneously across digital platforms at the click of a Button!

We are for everyone!

For everyone who wants to talk, share, connect and leave an impact on the world.

  • Brands

    A powerful marketing tool.

  • Influencers

    Create a community.

  • Leaders

    Lead globally.

  • Entrepreneurs

    Interact with your audience about your Services.

  • Students

    Explore the world and have fun.

  • Sportsman

    Reach people who love you.

  • Artists

    Create an art live and attract clients.

  • Media

    Invite guests, host events and much more.

  • Homemakers

    Engage with the entire world from your doorstep.